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TITLE; Future In shaa Allah :)
Friday, 5 April 2013 | 10:26 | 0 comments

I’m a hopeless romantic, full of fantasies of what the perfect guy should do. Movies have filled my head with nonsense & high expectations of men. I find myself watching romantic comedies & daydreaming. That could be me at work being surprise by my boyfriend with a bouquet of flowers. Or that could be me being taken to a nice restaurant & slow dancing afterward. Why doesn’t it happen in real life? Or does it? I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve just to be picked by the wrong guys. I know there’s that nice, romantic, loving, handsome, & tall guys out there. The question is WHERE? I just might be living in a fairytale world since I think my prince charming is coming to sweep me off my feet, so I need to think realistic, right?

So, here goes..

I’m not saying that I need to be wined & dined every night or I need to be loved 24/7 but there are times when a woman has needs & my needs are just to be loved. I love simple things. A text saying I miss u means a lot to me. My perfect guy does this things & more. He listen & kisses me on forehead when I’m sad. He supports me & the dreams that I have. He trust me & doesn’t give me a reason to not be able to trust him. He’s gentlemen. He’s silly & fun to be around but knows when to be serious. He respect his mother & loves his family. He’s good with children & loves the Lord. He’s can’t go a day without hearing my voice & doesn’t take me for granted.

He’s my dream men. The guy God made for me. Someone to love & cherish for the rest of my life. All I’m asking for is a man to stick by my side while I pursue my dreams & love me to the fullest. It will happen, I haven’t give up on the man that I’m meant to be with..

| 10:24 | 0 comments

Yaww ! Seem like about few month did't uptodate this blog . Well life is getting harder man , I'm stressing to choose which path I will continue my life . I decide to further my study at oversea baby hell yeah . I want to look out a new experience adventure life . Nothing left for me at Malaysia anymore let's MOVE ON . Too much painful , fucker those who still playing around my entire life argghh suck u man u suck enough said . What goes around come around . I don't have time to impress everyone . Middle figgers for people who makes my life miserable like shit -.- I'm totally feel stress right now I need to breath with fresh air baby ohh yess ulalala . K chau see yaaa . 

TITLE; Girl that be leaving :')
Thursday, 27 December 2012 | 09:58 | 0 comments

I'm the girl that patiently heard about fake people , about fake love that people give it to me . A hope that people lie on me . A trust that I give people broke on me that is me . I'm may not to pretty , perfect body , face , life but I'm LIMITED EDITION to have me . I'm totally different . I'm the girl that people like to be friend sometime because I'm talkative , hyperactive , childish for my age even though I'm seventeen , love to laugh , making a stupid jokes , people that love to share problem and more but why I am fails to find my true love WHY WHY . I kept on repeating , because I'm may be too nice too kind to people I'm humble people I'm not selfish , I'm not rude too other people , I'm not arrogant . Even though people know me as a rich girl I love to living with poor people because I can learn something from them if they need my help I'm ready to rescue them . But WHY I don't see my happiness in myself . People will see everyday me smiling but behind the smile that I gave there is full of sadness . I'm trying to move on forget you . But I don't have strenght to . Probably not yet time mate I was only able to be patient and keep on patient Allah will always be my side thanks for saving me for people that really loves me betrayed me . I'm glad one day my becoming future will always make me more happy then I deserved :')

TITLE; Just Promise Me One Thing :')
| 09:27 | 0 comments

Promise me that you won't forget about the memories we made . About all of laughs we had . About the fight we had . About inside the jokes we had . About the shakehands we made up .About the conversations we had . About the day we first met . About the song we sangs . About the picture we took .About the places we've been .About the promises we met .About the plans we made .About the future we made up .About the stories we shread .About the secret we shared .Even if we no longer encounter each other in life , JUST PROMISE ME ONE THING and I'LL BE FINE . PROMISE THAT WON'T FORGET ME :') I'm glad that I'm not yours anymore :')

TITLE; It just like a Fairytale story :'(
Wednesday, 26 December 2012 | 22:10 | 0 comments

Words can't describe how much I love him :') So here I am sitting alone , missing his face , his touch , his love & Everything we have do . I now only get to see the boy that I truly ever lovego with other perfect girl . I'm trying to move on but I can't . He will never know how much I love him . I keeping on crying when I miss him .I don't know how long I can recover since I"ll still be seeing him maybe oneday I will see for the last time then I will walk away from his life I PROMISE that I will do for own good :') I kept looking at our conversation . I now have to pretend I'm fine infront of him so he wouldn't feel bad and guilty :')

TITLE; ThankYou For Making My Day :')
Saturday, 22 December 2012 | 12:44 | 0 comments

Today I got my new phone it IPHONE 5 :) tadaa haha it just like heaven i have this thing anyways thankyou for making my day :')

Today my car arrived at house it PURPLE colour meh my fav one hehe . It just like a dream but this thing had happen meh aww thankyou mami bpak :D

TITLE; For You :)
Friday, 21 December 2012 | 01:30 | 0 comments

Hi I'm like the way u edit , but I don't like that colour I love purple . How do yo know that was my fav song I like so much Jesse Macrtney but please I want to know you . Don't worry , I don't mad at you . Please please :') Thankyou so much . Btw i don't know how to use this one bh . Err sorry terpolah mcm ya lagik i really don't what happen -.- Kmk tauk ktk lelah jak buat tok tpi kmk mala jak ubahnya cause kmk nang x pande mky tok sorry so much :'( aaaaaa ktk tlng lah pdh sapa ktk .

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